‘O’ Week Reflection

I must admit this week was quite full on as I engaged with all of the available material on the study desk and signed up and set up a lot of new ICT accounts. As I have mentioned before in my introduction I am very interested in using ICTs in teaching. In order to be able to competently and confidently use ICTs with my students I really need to discover all the resources available to me. Prior to this course, I stupidly thought I was fairly well plugged into it all. I never thought I was a professional or anything but I felt I had a good knowledge of how to use many different types and the ones I didn’t, I felt I knew enough to get by. Then I discovered some of which I have never heard of before. The huge amount of hours I have put in already aside, I have really enjoyed this week, learning new platforms and better understanding some of the ones I have used previously has been so informative and fascinating.

The article “Tiny bursts of learning’ http://chrisbetcher.com/2011/04/1483/ has really opened my eyes to how beneficial social media can really be to not only us who will become teachers but to us as life-long learners. The article states the enormous value of belonging to a Personal Learning Network was being touted, and Twitter is nearly always being suggested as the ideal tool for building that network. Having this article presented to me at the beginning of this semester while learning in EDC3100 has really fuelled my interest and taken it to that next level. I am ready to learn and get as much out of this subject as I possibly can!

I know I need to be patient as this semester hasn’t even started yet but I am feeling disappointed that I only have four followers on my Twitter account. I am really trying to set up my PLN. I have contacted all of my teaching and pre-service teacher friends to see if any of them have accounts and I was so surprised to discover that not many at all have. If you would like to follow me on Twitter my account is @teaganchilds and I would LOVE to follow you in return.

It has been really interesting so far to view other EDC3100 students’ blogs. I have enjoyed having a snippet of insight into their perspectives of education, ICTs and their specific sectors. It has been great to talk to you all and see different ways of looking at things. I really am excited to learn more from and work with you all throughout this semester and hopefully beyond.



4 thoughts on “‘O’ Week Reflection

  1. Hi Teagan, thanks for the mention and for letting me know that you got something from that blog post. ( I think of all the posts I’ve ever written, that one has generated the most reaction!) It’s always nice to hear feedback when something you write resonates with someone else, and really highlights the power of blogging. I actually don’t call it blogging when I teach kids how to blog… I call it “connected writing”, because really, that’s what it is… it’s the ability to write and connect with other ideas and other people in a way that writing just doesn’t do unless you share it. I figure I am going to make notes and jot down ideas anyway, so why not make it all public and share with others… it always fuels a much more powerful conversation when we share.

    Good luck with the studies.


    • Hi Chris, I feel so humbled and really appreciate it that you took the time to comment on my post! Thank you so much! It does feel great to know that I’m not talking to myself on here sometimes. Connected writing is such a wonderful way to put it! You have a way with words 🙂 Hope to hear from you again soon!

      • Connected writing is a good way description. I wanted to let you know Teagan that I love what you have done with the rearranging of your page. Very interesting organisation, thanks for the inspiration.

      • Thank you very much! It will probably change a lot as I tinker with it and learn new features and ways of doing things 🙂

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