User Name: @teaganchilds

Twitter is a valuable and powerful networking tool that helps develop a different sort of connection between members of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) and a way to learn and network with others.

Twitter helps me as an educator to keep up with new learning and be plugged in to an ongoing source of professional discourse and resource sharing.  It helps me to stay professionally current and able to tap this stream of information any time I like. It is a relevant, timely, ongoing, interactive, daily and personal way to use professional development but is flexible enough that I can make choices about who is part of my network to create relevance for myself.

A group of first graders in Ohio, USA have transformed Twitter and other social media platforms into their very own global classroom connecting with hundreds of students and teachers from 42 countries around the world. “We’re learning to collaborate so we can get bigger ideas! We noticed that when we listen to others our thinking changes and grows.” (@Frazier1st)-…. Some of their Global Classroom Projects include Flat friends/mascot exchanges (F-3), Edmondo Penpals (2-3), Mystery skype (K-3), The Global Lunch Table, The Sunny Thought Project, Kids Speak 2012-13, Save The Rhinos Project and Special Events Newspaper. For more details on these projects click on this link or to follow them on Twitter: #globalclassroom.


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