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A Blog is an online diary or journal and is an important resource for reflection. Reflection is also a key component of my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

Blogging helps me as an educator to reflect on my pedagogy and continually improve my skills, management and organisation.

Blogging also helps to enhance the quality of your learning by following and connecting with other people.

Kelly Jordan is the teacher of 4KJ at Leopold Primary School in Victoria. She uses blogging in her teaching for the following reasons-


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Kelly links to Kathleen Morris’s blog post on The Benefits of Educational Blogging which goes into much more detail describing the benefits on this page. Her blog is a great example of how this wonderful ICT can be used in the classroom and you can view it by following this link.


3 thoughts on “Web Log (Blog)

    • Kathleen,
      I am so sorry! I popped over to your blog and tried to send you an email through the contact me tab but I am not sure that it worked or even if it did whether you will get it or not as I noticed you are on maternity leave (Congratulations). I just wanted to say sorry for my mistake and that I have tried to correct this, if you dont mind just having a check to see that I have done this correctly. I really appreciate that you took the time to comment and let me know as my aim is to provide accurate information to my readers as well as for myself. This blog is part of an assignment for uni so as you could imagin accuracy is very important. I think what I did wrong was maybe Kelly linked to your post and I mistakened it as still part of her blog? Anyway I hope everything is right now.

      Teagan Childs

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