Toolbelt Theory

There are many reasons for using ICTs in my teaching mentioned in “The Toolbelt and Universal Design – Education For Everyone.” article. For example using ICT’s to record information so that they are able to remember and refer to later on, the ability to choose the appropriate ICT to allow students to use “just” the help they need and to know how to use those different tools.

Socol mentions many ICTs in his paper including:
-Telephone -Television -Typewriter -Computer -Speech-generating device
-Reading Pen -Click-Speak -Firefox -WYNN -Read-and-Write-Gold
-Audio books -WordTalk -MP3 -IPhone -Blackberry
-Google -Text message -Email -Firefox spellcheck
The links he provided were useful to me as I was able to gain a better understanding as to what some of them where that I had never heard of before.

I feel some teachers may need to relearn how to learn. Some teachers who are stuck in their ways may not get that the world is changing quite rapidly and that there are new more efficient ways of doing things. If they don’t continually learn they will get left behind and consequently their students will pay the price for that as they will not gain current skills and “Because we can not afford to send our students out without the toolbelts they need to function in their future world” –Socol.

After reading Jonah’s post “Do Teachers Need to Relearn How to Learn?” I tend to agree with him that without being given the opportunity to attend some Professional Development, teachers can’t learn anything new- including ICTs. But… in most cases, I tend to believe that this is not because they do not know how to learn independently but because they are lazy or they lack the initiative. I know this is a harsh statement (I want to stress that I said most cases and not all) but Jonah was right in what he said that “Information is literally at their fingertips, they just need to know how to access it.”- Jonah. I think for some teachers they see that they don’t know how do perform a certain ICT related task, so instead of figuring out how to, they just put it in the “can’t be bothered” basket.
I think that this course expecting us to learn how to use numerous different technologies without explicitly teaching us how to use the tool is acceptable. I feel that we are university students and we need to use our initiative and play a role in our own learning. “The teacher can lead a student to truth, but only the learner to find that truth.” –Plato.

This continues on with my opinion on whether schools should be making allowances for the struggling ICT using teacher. You are employed to do your job, which is to facilitate student learning. It is your responsibility to remain current and master the skills required to prepare the students with an education that enables them to think creatively and sympathise ideas from divergent areas and with the best preparation for a new era of global competitiveness.

Therefore I think I have demonstrated in the paragraphs above that I have a growth mindset about ICTs and I cannot wait to learn how to incorporate them into my teaching and put all my knowledge into practice during my Prac and when I become a teacher.


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