10 ways I use my iphone in the classroom

Through out all of my career in not only at day care but any employment I have ever had. It was always listed in the staff hand book that phones were not permitted while on the clock. I’m just wondering what are your views after reading this post from Stephanie at traintheteacher.wordpress.com? Do you think that this is taking ICTs in the classroom too far and is unprofessional? Or is it the way of the future?

Teaching the Teacher

Hello my name is Stephanie and I’m an iphone addict.

I use my iphone in conferences, in meetings and *gasp* even in the classroom but I’m not using it to play angry birds.

Here’s 10 ways I use my iphone to make my teaching more effective:

1. Video – capturing learning as it happens

The main reason I got an iphone was for the video capabilities  I’ll often walk around my classroom with my phone capturing student learning. Video can be used for students to check in on what they actually did versus what they really did. For instance, do students give each other time to talk or do they butt into conversations? I will frequently  use interviews as an alternative for pencil and paper tests making assessment far less intrusive on the student.  Moreover video is an effective way to put friends, family and sometimes even parliamentarians right into our classroom…

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6 thoughts on “10 ways I use my iphone in the classroom

  1. HI Tegan,
    Like you, my experience with having a phone at work was always that you weren’t allowed to access them during working hours. After reading Stephanie’s article I think that it is taking ICTs in the classroom. If the phone is used professionally then I don’t see it as a problem, I also think if the teacher who does use their phone should get permission by someone higher so they are aware that photos and videos are being taken. On another hand why can’t teachers just use digital cameras and video cameras from the school, that is also using ICT in the classroom?

    • Hey Jackie, Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂 My views are changing the more I think about it. I get the convenience and how easy it can make many tasks. At first I thought it was un-professional but the more I think about it the more I’m thinkint there is nothing really wrong with it, if it is used correctly and is acceptable in the school you are working at. The point where you can google/wikie a subject to get instant information no matter where you are (in the playground maybe) to provide students with more details has kind of sold me on it. Maybe, im not 100% sold though. 🙂

      • Yes I agree with you in regards to the searching for information part, but in regards to photographs and videoing, putting my shoes in the principals shoes, how do they know that your using it for correct purposes? How about if it was a male taking photos videos?
        Im just asking questions to get you thinking (or what others might be thinking) all in all I would use my phone in the classroom.

      • Hi Tegan,
        I agree with you when you say that its an easy way to access information, but in regards to taking photos and videos, putting my shoes in the principals position how do they know that photographs and videos are being using appropriately? How about if it was a male teacher taking photographs and videos?
        Dont get me wrong if it were me I would do what Stephanie’s article says! iPhones are so easy, its always on you and easy to access.
        Im asking questions that others might think and to keep the ball rolling :).

      • Hey Jackie, That is a good point but if you have concerns with a male teacher using the images and videos appropriately wouldn’t it be the same regardless of what device he would be using?

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