Digital Concept Map

A concept map is a graphical representation of a student’s knowledge of a domain and constructing a concept map provides a way to expose, reflect on, deepen, and share your understanding. A concept map presents the relationships among a set of connected concepts and ideas. It is a tangible way to display how your mind  “sees” a particular topic.

Concept Maps can be used to:

  • to design a complex structure (long texts, hypermedia, large web sites, etc.);
  • to communicate complex ideas;
  • to aid learning by explicitly integrating new and old knowledge;
  • to assess understanding or diagnose misunderstanding.
  • to define processes and flows

The most typical concept is a map that contains:

  • concepts,
  • directed and labeled arcs.
  • In addition, concepts are presented in hierarchical manner, the most general concepts on top.

I thought Novak’s and Cañas’ concept map explaining concept maps was really clever-


Image from here

This could be used in a classroom setting like in the following example demonstrated on How to Construct a Concept Map

In problem-based learning, each student group is like a party of explorers entering new territory. As a group they decide what neighboring areas they should reconnoiter, the individual members scout these areas and return to describe things they discovered that are relevant to the party’s interests. It is important in this process that the scouts know what they are looking for. In this effort, each member learns different things that get integrated and used to make decisions. Not all of the information will be transmitted to the others. When the expedition is over and the party needs to summarize their explorations, they draw a map that captures the important features of the territory. This would correspond to a PBL group constructing a concept map. The instructor or tutor serves as a native guide in this analogy.

Here is the link to the Concept Map I created to demonstrate reasons for using ICTs in teaching and learning-



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