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Another reason thought of post creating this concept map… What is it that you have always wanted to accomplish in terms of educational goals that you couldn’t accomplish before? This could be answered with ICTs as it is forever changing and improving.
In the Australian Curriculum, students develop ICT capability as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school, and in their lives beyond school. The capability involves students in learning to make the most of the digital technologies available to them, adapting to new ways of doing things as technologies evolve and limiting the risks to themselves and others in a digital environment.

What this means is that as students participate in learning, the will develop their capability to use ICTs as part of that learning. i.e. the learning they engage in should provide them with opportunities to use ICTs and develop their ICT capability.

This is important because

To participate in a knowledge-based economy and to be empowered within a technologically sophisticated society now and into the future, students need the knowledge, skills and confidence to make ICT work for them at school, at home, at work and in their communities.
Linking back to the idea of Digital Citizenship.

Students do this by

using ICT for tasks associated with information access and management, information creation and presentation, problem solving, decision making, communication, creative expression, and empirical reasoning. This includes conducting research, creating multimedia information products, analysing data, designing solutions to problems, controlling processes and devices, and supporting computation while working independently and in collaboration with others.



16 thoughts on “Reasons

  1. Hi Teagan, I must say I am very amazed at your level of IT-savvy and how you can have such consistent regular updates on your blog. Kudos!
    I am a first-time blogger (what a shame)…trying to figure out how to set a blog, how to create pages this week was a challenging task for me.
    Seeing your blog encourages me to spur on! =) Thanks!

      • Thank you so so much! All the information I used in this mind map was pulled directly from my toolbelt/reasons posts and the information for those posts was sourced from the information provided to us in the moodle books as well as while I was researching to find examples of the ICTs being used in my context. I have referenced the sites though. 🙂

    • I don’t know how to thank you enough for such a lovely comment! Hearing things like that just inspires me to be better 🙂 I wouldn’t say I am very IT savvy, I am probably only working at the tip of the iceburg but I am a pretty fast learner. I have picked up so much from this subject already. Let me know if you need a hand with anything. I am happy to help 🙂

      • Dear Teagan,

        I was wondering if you could ‘enlighten’ me on something.
        After we have posted a new page on our blog, do we need to link to EDC3100?
        I’m just afraid no one is reading my posts. =(
        I noticed you have a ‘EDC3100 postings’, is this a page created by you?
        Thank you for your advice, ICT-guru. =)

        Thanks Teagan,

      • Hi Eva, Im reading your blog! EDC3100 posts is a page I created, its more for the purpose if i continue my blog after this cource so that all my posts can be catagorized. I dont know if you have gotten to it or not yet but David has released a file that we download and import into feedly and that is how we keep track of everyones new posts. I also follow a few on wordpress and new posts for those blogs come up when i log in. I hope that helps

      • Dear Teagan,

        Thank you for your message.
        So much for me to catch up in the blogging world..

        Would you happen to remember where can we find the file which David asked us to download and import into feedly in order for us to track the postings of everyone?

        Thank you so much Teagan for your help!!

        Have a Great Day!

      • Hey Eva, yeah it was in the Assignment 1, Connections and Conclusions section on the study desk and if you click on Following EDC3100 blog posts the file should be in there. 🙂 I hope that helps. let me know if you need more help with it 🙂

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