Week One Reflection

This week has been a slightly slower week for me then ‘O’ week as I did 99% of the week one’s learning path then, so this week I was mostly keeping up with the new blogs being posted to the Introduction forum and checking in on the blogs I am already following to see their new posts.

I had the opportunity to attend and contribute to my first Way Station Blackboard Collaborate session. I found it to be very informative and structured really well. I liked that David used the Google Doc for students to ask questions.

I had the honour of being mentioned and linked in Jackie’s Blog which was very wonderful! This can be found through this link- http://jlitwinczuk.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/web-log-blog/.

By Tessa from tessamiller10 at tessamiller10

And also by Katherine in her Blog Mrs D’s ICT Investigations at http://wp.me/p3JuVI-1g.

Katherine states in her Where am I situated with ICTs and Pedagogy? post:

“It has been very interesting to see how different teachers have handled the transition to a more technologically savvy school.  Some have been enthusiastic, and have taken any opportunities available to them.  Others have tried very hard and have found the transition difficult.  While others seem to dig their heels in and try to just avoid it wherever possible.” She then continues to say that she agrees with me (in my post which she had linked to on her blog) that some teachers may need to relearn how to learn…. “I suppose some of them must therefore be in the Inaction stage”. Reading this has helped me to build on my understanding as I was able to see it from a different perspective and also see a picture in my head from the real life example Katherine described.

I felt like it was doing ok within my Blog but seeing this has made me feel like I am on the right track and has inspired me to keep putting in the effort. As rewarding it is for me to see my Blog take shape, it seems to be helping others on their learning journey as well.

I re-blogged a post I found about using an iPhone in the classroom which created a great discussion between myself and Jackie. I commented that through out my working experience it was always against the rules to use your phone while at work despite the good advantages of it outlined in the article, then I asked is it taking ICTs in the classroom too far or is it the way of the future? My position originally was that it was unprofessional but as we discussed it and the more I thought about it my opinion developed to it being OK if it was acceptable by the school. Jackie agreed and stated

“Like you, my experience with having a phone at work was always that you weren’t allowed to access them during working hours. After reading Stephanie’s article I think that it is taking ICTs in the classroom. If the phone is used professionally then I don’t see it as a problem, I also think if the teacher who does use their phone should get permission by someone higher so they are aware that photos and videos are being taken.”

This week has effected my development as a teacher and user of ICTs for pedagogy by allowing me to familiarise myself with some of these new resources and built my confidence or trying new platforms and avenues.


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