ICTs and the Melbourn Declaration

Is it important that the teachers in the Australian Education system are themselves successful learners as defined by the Melbourne Declaration?

“Have the essential skills in literacy and numeracy and are creative and productive users of technology, especially ICT, as a foundation for success in all learning areas (p. 8)”

I believe so! I don’t think that a teacher can effectively teach students’ to use ICTs and incorporate it into teaching other learning areas unless they are confident and capable, creative and productive users of a wide range of ICTs successfully across their own learning areas. Being incapable or using a small range of ICTs personally will only limit the teachers ability to teach to the fullest capacity resulting in the students being handicapped.

I feel I am or are developing into a successful learning in the terms of the Melbourne Declaration as I am a creative and productive user of technology including ICTs and every day especially this semester in EDC3100 I am continuing to increase my Toolbelt of ICT resources and am getting more and more confident in using them the more I am practicing. For example I have this Uni based Blog and also a personal one, and I also am a reader of many other Blogs where I endeavour to comment and collaborate with the users of those accounts to increase both of our knowledge and understanding.

Check out the other characteristics of a successful learner from the Melbourne Declaration, how well are you doing against each of these?

Develop their capacity to learn and play an active role in their own learning, are on a pathway towards continued success in further education, training or employment, and acquire the skills to make informed learning and employment decisions throughout their lives and are motivated to reach their full potential-

I believe that I play an active role in my own learning everyday while I am studying this course online. Studying in this way you have to be an active learner otherwise you would fail. After this course is complete I plan to continue studying, whether it be in education or another interest of mine. I am a strong believer in always improving your skills in a life long way.

Are able to think deeply and logically, and obtain and evaluate evidence in a disciplined way as the result of studying fundamental disciplines, are able to make sense of their world and think about how things have become the way they are- 

I am not 100% sure I have a full understanding of this characteristic, although from what I can gather I guess it could relate to being a reflective and thoughtful learner. I believe that reflection will play a very big part when I become an educator so that I can evaluate and logically improve my skills and pedagogy through out my career.

Are creative, innovative and resourceful, and are able to solve problems in ways that draw upon a range of learning areas and disciplines, are able to plan activities independently, collaborate, work in teams and communicate ideas- 

I believe this works hand in hand with being a confident creative and productive user of ICTs. The internet is an incredibly resourceful source of information. It allows me to collaborate with others to gain new ideas to problem solve and find new ways to teach across all learning areas and disciplines.

 What needs to be done? As new ICTs are being thought of and developed every day, I need to make myself available to the information so I can continually be learning and familiarizing myself with the new “products” so I can sift through ones which will benefit myself personally and as an educator to improve my teaching capabilities. This can be achieved by setting myself up a solid PLN.


Reasons V2

After reading Aspens concept map (from http://aspenforgan.wordpress.com/) designed to present her reasons for using ICTs for learning and teaching I wanted to add it to my blog, mostly for my personal benefit so that I can easily refer to it as a way of extending on my own concept map of my reasons for using ICTs for learning and teaching.

I found Aspens concept map so easy to follow and read as it was organised and sorted really well and her reasons were detailed and very thought through. She did an amazing job creating her concept map!


Image from http://aspenforgan.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/concept-map/