My PLN So Far

So far my Personal Learning Network is slowly growing. Slowly but surely. I guess we are only in the beginning of week three  so I have accomplished a fair bit by having:

On my Blog-

19 posts

777 page views



I follow 20 other Blogs including 14 EDC3100 students and 6 outside of the EDC3100 group Blogs

A couple I would love to mention who I find very informative and interesting is

Sonia from

Pamala from

And Aspen from

I really recommend checking out and following each of their Blogs as well!

On Twitter:

Made 27 Tweets


34 following In which a big hand full of those are outside of the EDC3100 group.

I am learning from my fellow pre-service students and also many ICT and education professionals out in the field. Hopefully I am able to learn from as well as help many more people to come and increase my following and followers in the future. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @teaganchilds.




5 thoughts on “My PLN So Far

    • Hi Aspen, When you first log into wordpress there is a bar along the top of the screen saying reader, stats, my blog, freshly pressed. Click on stats and it should bring up a heap of statistics for your blog. I logged into twitter to get the twitter related info. You can also get to your stats page when you are logged in and viewing your blog or in the admin section in the top bar there is a heap of vertical dots and bars grouped together. If you click on that it also takes you to the same stats page. I hope that helps 🙂

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    • Hi Jackie, Im not sure if you are refering to following peoples blogs or on twitter? On twitter i have just kept an eye out for when other students have mentioned their twitter user names and I also found some useful people to follow when reading through the twitter information throughout the learning path on the study desk. For the blogs- as I went through the blog introductions in the forum on the study desk, the ones i really liked i clicked the follow button up the top and it shows up on my reader when i log into wordpress. (I got a bit lazy towards the end and stopped clicking follow for some reason even if they were interesting… I should go back and do that). I follow many more then i listed in this post on feedly.

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