Week Four Reflection

This week has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! This is reflected by the fact I am only just doing my first blog post for the week now and it is already Friday!

There is so many feelings I am having at the moment.

1) Relieved as my assignment one has officially been submitted!

2) As I worked through the learning path this week I have big feelings of excitement for when I am finally going to be a teacher. For the first time throughout my studies I really feel like I am learning about teaching. As opposed to development in Lifespan and Development and learning theories in Perspectives in Education for example.

I would also like to note my excitement for finally learning about the Australian Curriculum. Last semester I studied Foundations of Curriculum and Pedagogy and I was only allowed to study the Early Years Learning Framework as I am an Early Childhood student. This was very disappointing for me as I have no intentions of working in a child care centre in the future.

3) I’m also glad that we didn’t have to sign up to any new ICT’s this week as it is a nice little break but at the same time I still do hope that we will discover many more new resources through out the rest of the course to help up build our ‘Toolkit’ for helping students learn.

4) I am surprised at how far into Assignment 2 I have gotten this week by just working through the learning path. I wasn’t expecting to even start it until after next week. I’m feeling organised and in a good position to tackle the rest of the semester. I am also very grateful that the learning path has been designed in the way it has, as to spell out what everything means and how everything is done with regards to using the Curriculum to create a unit plan.

Over all a very productive week for me.

I just wanted to say good luck to all the other EDC3100 students for their assignment one!



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