The Flipped Classroom

I find the idea of the Flipped Classroom very interesting and innovative, although I wonder how it would work in the early childhood prep to 3 classrooms.

I am also wondering how it would work in the lower socio-economic schools. I wonder if all students would have freely available computers and internet access, parents to help/guide the students with 1. technically eg. getting the program set up to watch the lecture and 2. support for processing the information learnt and finally the time to watch the lectures. Some students might be flooded with chores and need to help their parents around the home or business outside of school hours.

I do believe that if the Flipped Classroom were able to work, the depth of learning in any particular subject would greatly be intensified as time would be freed up to practice and master the concepts rather than being introduced to it.

I also wonder how all the extra homework might affect the physical activity of the students? Would they need to drop after school sports to compensate for the extra work load?
Flipped Classroom

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3 thoughts on “The Flipped Classroom

  1. Hello, I have heard of the Flipped Classroom idea before and also think that it is an interesting one! One that has potential to take students further than just in class experiences give.

    But I have also thought about the financially challenged students, which in my recent limited experience of being in classes, I have already come across a number of students disadvantaged by the lack of their access to technology.

    The schools try to minimize by making available to these students technology in the library before school and during lunch time. But again as some of these students already have a negative view of school is this something they would take advantage of?



    • Hi Michelle, thank you for taking the time to comment! I agree, im not sure that the disadvantaged students would take advantage of access to the library and technology during lunches and before school. I would imagin that for some of them this time could be the only time they have to play and ‘be a kid’ would they want to give it up to keep up/get ahead in school work?

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