ICT based learning experiences

While thinking about the best ICT based learning experience for one of my objective/content descriptors I’ll be using for my unit of work in assignment 2-

Create events and characters using different media that develop key events and characters from literary texts (ACELT1593)

I went back through to week 2, I think it was where we shared some ICT experiences based on the 8 learning styles.

I found Domo Animate:

which could be used to re-create key events from in a literacy text. The students could have a great time deepening their understanding of this as they add more details and really think through what is happening as they are re producing it.

And also Clay yourself:

Where students can re create characters from in a literacy text. This could be done in Domo Animate but with Clay yourself students have more control over details like eye brows facial expressions etc and really express how they interpret a character. This would be especially great if it were to be based from a non-picture book, where no image of a character is provided in the first place, or student is not shown the picture of the character until after they have created their own and compare it to the book.

It really is amazing some of the online resources out there that can really be so usefull in developing students learning. How did teachers ever oporate before the internet?


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