Revised ICT based learning experiences

During the learning path in week 6 I was asked to think critically about the learning experiences I have chosen for my unit of work in Assignment 2 and find some ways of improving it. I was guided to revise the models and frameworks we have learnt previously this semester. Below is my thinking process.

I think both my learning experiences sit on the Modification level of the SAMR framework.

Both the learning experience could have been completed without ICTs by simply creating a role play of the literature to develop key events instead of using Domo Animate.

And Characters could have been drawn or created with physical clay by students instead of using Clay Yourself. But I believe they have both seen significant task redesign, with many improvements and advantages of the selected ICTs. For example Clay Yourself adds 3 dimension as opposed to drawings etc and are more accurate they real clay as well as the advantage of being able to add colour and allows students to achieve facial expressions such as anger when they may not have been able to physically manipulate the clay on their desk to achieve that expression within their abilities.

Both learning experiences fit in Learn through creating and Learn through exploring within the 8 learning themes from the Decoding Learning report. As both the content descriptors I have chosen as part of my transforming knowledge on my unit plan require students to ‘create’. I believe these themes are appropriate.

Using technology as opposed to Technology integration. I feel both learning experiences are mostly in the integration section of the model. Where it isn’t used to collaborate or isn’t a routine part of the classroom environment. It is planned and purposeful, used to support curricular goals & learning objectives, used to engage students with content, mostly being used by the student(s), focuses using technologies to create and develop new thinking processes, more instructional time is spent using the technology to learn (hopefully) and is essential to the learning activity. I think in both learning experiences the programs used have a share function or a save to computer function. This could be used to share with others via the programs platform or even better I could ask the students to create a blog post on a class blog where they share the animation and clay character interpretations of the literature with other students outside the classroom for the purpose of collaboration, sharing for others or gaining feedback. This would also add another learning theme from the 8 themes of learning mentioned above (learning from others)

I do believe students will become

1. autonomous in their use of ICT;

2. capable with ICT;

3. creative in their use if ICT;

4. using ICT to produce work of quality;

5. adding value to their learning through the scope of ICT in use.

When participating in the two learning experiences I have created as part of my unit of work.

Successfully integrating ICTs into students learning would include the technology being used to aid students in learning the content of the curriculum not the learning being based around the technology. I feel that these learning experiences are allowing students to learn the content and build on their understandings and I haven’t chosen the content descriptors based on the ICTs. So that is a good start.

After careful consideration I have decided to keep my two main learning experiences as I believe they are very valuable but with the improvements of creating a class blog and asking students to use this to share their end products for others outside of the classroom and each other to collaborate and obtain feedback about their interpretation of the key events and characters in the literature and about their creativity. I have chosen to make these improvements to open up the opportunity for collaboration and to obtain feedback. This opens up another theme of learning in the 8 themes by Decoding Learning and also in the Using technology as opposed to Technology integration model.


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