Week Five Reflection

I am not really sure how I forgot to create my week five reflection, but here it is better late than never!

One of the main components of this weeks learning path was the Curriculum + Assessment + Pedagogy = quality learning experience formula. To me this formula really makes sense of what I am learning about the Australian Curriculum and how to be using it to plan my lessons, units and learning experiences.

I really loved and can totally relate to what Michelle Newton at The weblog of Michelle Newton said when she was reflecting about how her learning and feelings have progressed through weeks 1 to 5 of our ICT and Pedagogy subject. She states “At the beginning of the course, I posted a blog that stated I felt like an overloaded computer – too much knowledge for the memory size.  Now I feel like the defragmentation process is complete (at this stage) – more memory has been freed up and processing is happening quicker, ready for more learning.”

This is such a great way to describe the learning process not only of this course but I guess when you learn anything new.


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