Week Six Reflection

I have just completed the week six learning path and it is 11.43pm! So ready for bed. At this point I am really enthusiastic and wanting to just dive into my assignment two, but I am studying another subject this semester and it has an assignment due a week prior to EDC3100 so I am making myself complete it first. I just hope my enthusiasm is still here when I have completed the other assignment.

Having a good think about the learning experiences for my unit of work is the main cause of my enthusiasm. It was relatively easy to find a good learning experience and what I did find, I believe was of pretty good quality. This has made me want to continue on this train of thought and come up with the rest of them. This week was good for reflecting on our previous learning for this particular reason, finding good quality ICT based learning experiences that have the support of models and frameworks.

Note to self: I need to revise the pedagogical frameworks to sequence the learning experiences throughout the designing process of the unit of work. I actually still haven’t chosen which one I will be using. First task for tomorrow!

In tonight’s Way Station we touched a little on Prac and I am partially really excited to finally have a chance to engage in the school environment as opposed to day care, and I think this will really make my career path and what I am doing much more of a reality. I am also a little anxious as I don’t really know what to expect and for the first time in 6 years, I will not know what I am doing/ doing many things for the first time. Just like starting at the bottom of the ladder again. Still all this is very exciting, what a new adventure. I’m hoping to hear back from the school I applied for professional experience at very soon as to whether they will take me or I need to continue on the hunt to find a placement.

Good luck with assignment two everyone!



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