Working on Assignment 2

So I am back at working on assignment 2 now and the learning paths have been great in getting me started, just by following it I have already filled out a few sections of the unit plan.

This is the first unit plan I have had to do and now when I open it up to continue working on it, suddenly I feel over whelmed and over my head. I’m not really sure where to start. I have opened up one of the sample unit plans and it seems to be helping a little, but maybe I need to go back though the learning path again for more guidance on where to get all the information for each section.

I wonder if anyone else doing this course is having the same feelings and issues as I am?

Baby steps, one little step at a time and hopefully I will get there in the end, and on the right track! Ha ha.

I wish everyone else good luck on their assignment two!



3 thoughts on “Working on Assignment 2

  1. Hi Tegan,
    It is very overwhelming thats for sure, but like you said one step at a time and you will get there. I find once I start it is easier to keep going. The example are great way to guide you but I also find that it makes me a bit more stressful! Good luck!

  2. I agree, unit plans can be very overwhelming. Just do one bit at a time and you will be pleasantly surprised when it all comes together for you. Make sure you check the rubric to make sure you are spending time on stuff that matters (don’t get sidetracked like I do!).

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