Week 7 Reflection

Finally with the assignment 2 unit plan complete and just a tiny bit of referencing and the justification to go I am starting to think about Prac. I chased up the school I was hoping to do my placement at this morning, and received the bad news that no teachers had put their hand up to host me. A feeling many of my fellow uni students are also experiencing at the moment. I tried to contact the only other primary school in the town twice and at 9.00pm Friday night I am still waiting to have my call returned… maybe Monday?!?!

It is a little frustrating as if Prac wasn’t already stressful enough, being 3 weeks from the school holidays and supposedly starting Prac straight after and still yet to find a school to have me.

Well, no use sitting here stressing about it. One step at a time, focus on getting the assignment finished and fingers crossed I have some more luck next week. I really hope that other students are having success with both their assignments and also finding a placement!



One thought on “Week 7 Reflection

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