Cyber Safety

Internet safety should be considered by all users of the internet not only teachers who are supporting students to take advantage of the many advantages and benefits it brings but also to teach them  how to be an active digital citizen.

On the 1st August this video clip was featured in a post at ICT’s & Pedagogy

It really touched home for me as recently before then I have been keeping a personal blog at It was created as an avenue to share photos and what our family have been up to recently with my family and friends and to collaborate with other parents and share ideas. One day I was approached by a stranger who asked me if the baby in the photos was mine? And then he proceeded to ask me if he could have her photos? With no intention of allowing this, I asked him what he wanted to do with them. He replied, he wanted to put them on his website. I searched for him and only found a Google+ account which had nothing baby/children related on it. I blocked him and it left me with some big decisions to make about my personal blog and the photos I would put on there in future.

So I can definitely relate to the comment “There is no use in taking the ‘it wont happen to me’ attitude, as no one realizes when they are being preyed on.” from ICT’s & Pedagogy.

Lauren from LAURENTRANTER The trials and tribulations of ICT’s in Education states the following and I really could not have said it better myself, “as teachers we are responsible for what happens in the classroom, but I think we also need to  be able to teach students to use these resources safely when they aren’t in our care.” She continues to provide a link to a UK website called Thinkuknow which I found very useful. The site covers a range of topics about how to teach students of all ages how to use the internet/phones safely, and shows videos, that can help kids relate to the situations they may face.

Furthermore I have also been introduced to another useful website as a teacher, I think it will be worth it’s weight in gold called Know Your Meme I believe this one would be useful as a parent as well.


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