This week we were required to work through the four modules on Connect.ed, which touched on many things including safety and cyber bullying. I felt like I already knew a lot of the foundation information but it really helped me to use that information as a teacher to guide my students and incorporate it into my curriculum and teaching. I quite liked the way Tessa from tessamiller10 Expanding horizons through digital exploration put it, “we need to explicitly teach these concepts to children, we also need to continuously reinforce it when engaging with technology through everyday teaching.” This not only helps students to really gain a deeper understanding of the concepts but also I believe it would help them to relate their learning to real life experiences.

I did find some of the new terminology and also some of the statistics both interesting and alarming, just like in Postman’s 5 things we need to know about technology that for every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage. The disadvantage may exceed in importance the advantage, or the advantage may well be worth the cost. I believe that with all the advantages that the internet brings it is worth it, however it isn’t without a corresponding disadvantage in that children of younger ages are more vulnerable and exposed to bullying and “phishing” and “Lurking” I think it was referred to by strangers. Young children are growing up faster and faster as the years go on, I don’t think they need any more responsibility to be pushed onto them then what they already have, however with powerful tools like the internet brings greater responsibilities.

I really liked the idea of the Cybersmart Detectives activity and allowing students to interact with and have access to police officers, which is such a wonderful positive experience to have with such a creditable reference. This type of activity would be very rewarding on so many levels and I believe would really stick with the students for a long time after the activity was over.

Connect.ed certificate


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  3. Hi Tegs6,
    I too felt that through my experience with Connect Ed, I already knew a lot of the cyber safe practices, although it is vital that as a pre service teacher I will need to explicitly teach this within my classroom, when I go out on Prac.
    I agree with you, with all of the advantages that the internet brings, there is a cost, it is about educating minds to think smart and responsibly, and if something doesn’t seem ‘the norm’ it is important to inform the teacher.
    The Cyber smart detectives activity was very interactive with the role of being a police officers.
    I really enjoyed reading your similar views!

    • Hi Haley, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! You put it all so well. Glad to hear someone else has some of the same point of views as I do. Good luck on Prac and for assignment 3 🙂

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