Week Eight Reflection

As per my recent posts, I have learned a lot of valuable skills and information to assist me when I enter the teaching scene and for prac this week.

At the beginning of the week, I finally received the good news that a wonderful tiny, rural school has offered to host me for my prac. The little school has 2 mixed level classes including a prep to 3 and a 4 to 7 class. I will be in the early education class and I am so excited to be able to gain some hands on experience with not only school students but an opportunity to learn how to differentiate as a way for catering for a vast range of ages and abilities.

I have attempted to make a start on assignment 3 to put me in the best possible position for prac, I am trying to reduce the amount of study I need to be doing outside of my prac during those 3 weeks, So I need to complete an assignment and weekly learning requirements for another subject as well as make good progress on assignment 3 for ICT and pedagogy all within the next 4 weeks.

I must admit though I have pretty much been pumping out assignments for the last few weeks now and by this point I am starting to loose enthusiasm. I am hoping this will turn around soon.

I am wondering how other students are feeling about their studies at this point in the semester?


3 thoughts on “Week Eight Reflection

  1. Hi Teagan,
    I am glad that you now know where you will be doing prac. It is always a great relief to have that sorted out 🙂 I too feel a lack of enthusiasm, as the first part of this semester has been so long! I have tried really, really hard to stay up-to-date with everything, but would really like a bit of down time. Oh well, I guess we just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other for the time being 🙂 Best of luck for your prac and the rest of the course.

    • Hi Katherine, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! It is a bit of a relief that there are others out there feeling the same and it isn’t just me! There is always the semester break coming up, but silly me mixed 2 subjects from different years so the prac allowance doesn’t line up, there fore I need to get a head in the other subject to free up the prac weeks.Good luck with your prac, assignment and the rest of your course as well 🙂

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