Interactive Whiteboard Feature

This week we are exploring Interactive White Boards (IWB) in the learning path.

At my prac placement the class uses a Promethean whiteboard. In preparation for this wonderful experience I have downloaded the software to start learning how to use it and begun to explore the Promethean Planet community.

When searching for and exploring some of the features of the Promethean IWB I came across this site ActivTips which includes some videos of great tips for using this type of IWB. I found it very useful and it is worthwhile checking it out!

One feature which I explored in more detail is the Activ tip 115- Action moving objects which is explained at the above Activ tips link. It is used to create a button which can be clicked to move an object (image) in a direction across a page. One flipchart which uses it well is Rocket Race. It is a single page flipchart and can be used in a class setting where you divide the class into 3 groups. You then ask a question or provide a task and when a group provides a correct answer or completes the task the button is pressed to move that groups rocket ahead. The first team to shoot off the page wins! There are several other flipcharts that have a similar concept with different themes, such as a shark attack.

I think it would enhance students learning by creating a fun competitive but cooperative environment in a lesson.

I can’t wait to get out on prac and start to put this new exciting tool to use!



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