Week Nine Reflection

Wow, we are already finished week nine! To be honest, I have really enjoyed learning about interactive whiteboards (IWB’s) I have never used one and I actually don’t think I have even seen one being used. So it was great to learn about it a little especially in preparation for my time on prac when I am sure that not only it will be used quite a bit in my presence but I suspect I will be required to use it quite a bit myself. So having a chance to familiarize myself and learn even just a few features I believe will prove to be very valuable.

I have found learning about some of the statistics in IWB’s interesting; such as what features teachers use the most and the least and what most teachers find important when choosing how they will use their IWB’s. I think this will be useful to me when I need to start deciding on what learning objects I might use in one of my lessons.

I also found it very useful to learn about some common problems and ways to troubleshoot while using an IWB. I guess when you are starting out writing lessons for a real class for the first time, it would be easy to overlook the things that might go wrong or might be really time-consuming such as setting up accounts etc. In these cases it might be wise to have a back up plan for when things go horribly wrong!

I hope everyone else enjoyed this weeks learning path as much as I did.




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