Week 10 Reflection

I have just finished the last of the final weeks learning path for EDC3100 and it is a little sad to be at a point where I wont be learning any more from this subject (Prac aside) or working with David the lecturer. I have learnt so much and have really enjoyed this subject.

The last section of this weeks learning path was designed to get us thinking about the future in education and in ICTs or technology. The idea of a teacher-less education was mentioned and I honestly think that the way I am currently learning might be as far as that can go. That is studying a uni degree online. I think this can be integrated into higher level primary or high school to an extent, but the students would have to be responsible for their own learning, in that they would actually have to sit down and study willingly as there would be no teacher present to keep them on task. This is why I think this type of education would not be suitable for the younger level primary. Just to be clear, what I mean by studying online and linked to teacher-less education is that there is still a teacher involved in planning what is learnt and how it is learned but it is one teacher to up to several hundred students and for most of the learning the teacher doesn’t have direct content with the students, just recorded lectures or presentations and conversations which meets students needs through email or forums.

My preparations for prac are slowly progressing. I have recently found out that on the public holiday my mentor is attending a mediation day which I am able to attend so I was not required to do a make up day after all. In the next 2 weeks of mid semester break I plan to prepare more for my prac including gathering resources and familiarizing myself with many documents etc but unfortunately I am moving house in the next week and I am also studying a year one subject which continues lectures throughout my time on prac so I am hoping to get ahead with that subject so that I don’t have to do that while I am out. I also have some final checking over for the last assignment for that subject and also some editing for the part B of EDC3100’s final assignment which is almost finished just a little tweaking to do. So busy busy at this end of the computer.

I really hope the best for my fellow students on the last of semester 2, their assignment 3 and for their prac! Good luck everyone.

I do hope to continue blogging over the prac period and hope others do as well so I can see how everyone else is going as well.



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