Reflection on Prac

Things have been so busy, but I can not believe that it is almost half way through week three and this is the first opportunity I have had to sit down and write a blog post reflection on my Prac so far!

As all the other students would know, prac is a busy time for us all and we go home absolutely exhausted, So what very little time I have had in the late afternoons and evenings have been spent “recovering” from the full on days!

So far, I am having a wonderful time. My students are just gorgeous, my teacher is unbelievably wonderful and helpful. It has been such a great experience to finally have an opportunity to see what it is really like in the school setting and it has only re-assured me that my career choice and the path I am on is the right one for me.

I was so lucky last week that at my school, right near our class room there was two koalas in a tree. It was amazing, for me and the students. Untill then I haven’t seen a koala outside of a zoo before, so it was a bit special. The perks of being at a tiny little rural school!

My lessons have been going really well so far. I still have a little bit of fine tuning I would like to do before I finish up at the end of the week, but over all I would say they have been fairly successful. As this is such a tiny school the ICT resources have been on the restricted side so I will endeavour to try to find a more creative and innovative way to incorporate them into my teaching and learning by the end of the week.

I really hope that my fellow EDC3100 students are having an equally enjoyable time out on prac. Only three days to go and onto assignment three writing.



Week 10 Reflection

I have just finished the last of the final weeks learning path for EDC3100 and it is a little sad to be at a point where I wont be learning any more from this subject (Prac aside) or working with David the lecturer. I have learnt so much and have really enjoyed this subject.

The last section of this weeks learning path was designed to get us thinking about the future in education and in ICTs or technology. The idea of a teacher-less education was mentioned and I honestly think that the way I am currently learning might be as far as that can go. That is studying a uni degree online. I think this can be integrated into higher level primary or high school to an extent, but the students would have to be responsible for their own learning, in that they would actually have to sit down and study willingly as there would be no teacher present to keep them on task. This is why I think this type of education would not be suitable for the younger level primary. Just to be clear, what I mean by studying online and linked to teacher-less education is that there is still a teacher involved in planning what is learnt and how it is learned but it is one teacher to up to several hundred students and for most of the learning the teacher doesn’t have direct content with the students, just recorded lectures or presentations and conversations which meets students needs through email or forums.

My preparations for prac are slowly progressing. I have recently found out that on the public holiday my mentor is attending a mediation day which I am able to attend so I was not required to do a make up day after all. In the next 2 weeks of mid semester break I plan to prepare more for my prac including gathering resources and familiarizing myself with many documents etc but unfortunately I am moving house in the next week and I am also studying a year one subject which continues lectures throughout my time on prac so I am hoping to get ahead with that subject so that I don’t have to do that while I am out. I also have some final checking over for the last assignment for that subject and also some editing for the part B of EDC3100’s final assignment which is almost finished just a little tweaking to do. So busy busy at this end of the computer.

I really hope the best for my fellow students on the last of semester 2, their assignment 3 and for their prac! Good luck everyone.

I do hope to continue blogging over the prac period and hope others do as well so I can see how everyone else is going as well.


Week Nine Reflection

Wow, we are already finished week nine! To be honest, I have really enjoyed learning about interactive whiteboards (IWB’s) I have never used one and I actually don’t think I have even seen one being used. So it was great to learn about it a little especially in preparation for my time on prac when I am sure that not only it will be used quite a bit in my presence but I suspect I will be required to use it quite a bit myself. So having a chance to familiarize myself and learn even just a few features I believe will prove to be very valuable.

I have found learning about some of the statistics in IWB’s interesting; such as what features teachers use the most and the least and what most teachers find important when choosing how they will use their IWB’s. I think this will be useful to me when I need to start deciding on what learning objects I might use in one of my lessons.

I also found it very useful to learn about some common problems and ways to troubleshoot while using an IWB. I guess when you are starting out writing lessons for a real class for the first time, it would be easy to overlook the things that might go wrong or might be really time-consuming such as setting up accounts etc. In these cases it might be wise to have a back up plan for when things go horribly wrong!

I hope everyone else enjoyed this weeks learning path as much as I did.



Week Eight Reflection

As per my recent posts, I have learned a lot of valuable skills and information to assist me when I enter the teaching scene and for prac this week.

At the beginning of the week, I finally received the good news that a wonderful tiny, rural school has offered to host me for my prac. The little school has 2 mixed level classes including a prep to 3 and a 4 to 7 class. I will be in the early education class and I am so excited to be able to gain some hands on experience with not only school students but an opportunity to learn how to differentiate as a way for catering for a vast range of ages and abilities.

I have attempted to make a start on assignment 3 to put me in the best possible position for prac, I am trying to reduce the amount of study I need to be doing outside of my prac during those 3 weeks, So I need to complete an assignment and weekly learning requirements for another subject as well as make good progress on assignment 3 for ICT and pedagogy all within the next 4 weeks.

I must admit though I have pretty much been pumping out assignments for the last few weeks now and by this point I am starting to loose enthusiasm. I am hoping this will turn around soon.

I am wondering how other students are feeling about their studies at this point in the semester?

Week 7 Reflection

Finally with the assignment 2 unit plan complete and just a tiny bit of referencing and the justification to go I am starting to think about Prac. I chased up the school I was hoping to do my placement at this morning, and received the bad news that no teachers had put their hand up to host me. A feeling many of my fellow uni students are also experiencing at the moment. I tried to contact the only other primary school in the town twice and at 9.00pm Friday night I am still waiting to have my call returned… maybe Monday?!?!

It is a little frustrating as if Prac wasn’t already stressful enough, being 3 weeks from the school holidays and supposedly starting Prac straight after and still yet to find a school to have me.

Well, no use sitting here stressing about it. One step at a time, focus on getting the assignment finished and fingers crossed I have some more luck next week. I really hope that other students are having success with both their assignments and also finding a placement!


Working on Assignment 2

So I am back at working on assignment 2 now and the learning paths have been great in getting me started, just by following it I have already filled out a few sections of the unit plan.

This is the first unit plan I have had to do and now when I open it up to continue working on it, suddenly I feel over whelmed and over my head. I’m not really sure where to start. I have opened up one of the sample unit plans and it seems to be helping a little, but maybe I need to go back though the learning path again for more guidance on where to get all the information for each section.

I wonder if anyone else doing this course is having the same feelings and issues as I am?

Baby steps, one little step at a time and hopefully I will get there in the end, and on the right track! Ha ha.

I wish everyone else good luck on their assignment two!


Week Six Reflection

I have just completed the week six learning path and it is 11.43pm! So ready for bed. At this point I am really enthusiastic and wanting to just dive into my assignment two, but I am studying another subject this semester and it has an assignment due a week prior to EDC3100 so I am making myself complete it first. I just hope my enthusiasm is still here when I have completed the other assignment.

Having a good think about the learning experiences for my unit of work is the main cause of my enthusiasm. It was relatively easy to find a good learning experience and what I did find, I believe was of pretty good quality. This has made me want to continue on this train of thought and come up with the rest of them. This week was good for reflecting on our previous learning for this particular reason, finding good quality ICT based learning experiences that have the support of models and frameworks.

Note to self: I need to revise the pedagogical frameworks to sequence the learning experiences throughout the designing process of the unit of work. I actually still haven’t chosen which one I will be using. First task for tomorrow!

In tonight’s Way Station we touched a little on Prac and I am partially really excited to finally have a chance to engage in the school environment as opposed to day care, and I think this will really make my career path and what I am doing much more of a reality. I am also a little anxious as I don’t really know what to expect and for the first time in 6 years, I will not know what I am doing/ doing many things for the first time. Just like starting at the bottom of the ladder again. Still all this is very exciting, what a new adventure. I’m hoping to hear back from the school I applied for professional experience at very soon as to whether they will take me or I need to continue on the hunt to find a placement.

Good luck with assignment two everyone!